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We will like to welcome you to be a part of our Reseller Program.
  • Build your own store - create your own business
  • Set your own product price and profit margin
  • Timely sales support with new products every week
  • Twice a month payout


Reseller Perks and Pricing 2018
  1. 20% sales earning with Minimum order of S$50 per order
  2. 1st S$500 tier - 25% sales earning for next S$100 of sales
  3. 2nd S$500 tier - additional S$80 cash payout
  4. 3rd S$500 tier - additional S$100 cash payout


Terms and Conditions
  1. Sales of products are strictly not for listings under Gifts for Events
  2. Delivery to direct consignee is chargeable at S$3 per location
  3. Free delivery to Reseller location per order
  4. Reseller Code must be input correctly to capture sales record
  5. Shipping & Delivery conditions apply
  6. Sales earning payout falls on every 15th and 30th of the month


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